Banquet and Catering, Are they the same? Know the 3 differences👨‍🍳

You don’t know whether to hire a Catering service for your event or a Banquet service? Which is the best option? These are questions that arise when organizing an event and we want to help you answer them in the clearest and simplest way. 

Both services are key pieces and pillars to make your meeting a moment of delight and enjoyment for your guests. Learn the 3 main differences between these services: 

The dishes 

– The set-up 

– The modality 

Meet them and decide which option best suits your event in Yucatan!


Wedding catering setup

Catering service

– The dishes 

Catering is the service that offers a certain type of food in events of different characteristics, in which aspects such as the area of the event, food options, quantity, etc. are taken into account.

 Catering consists of small and easy to consume foods such as: Canapés, cheeses, empanadas, and others, or in its case, dishes of great elaboration that are served in the manner of a restaurant always accompanied by drinks. 

fine dining dishes


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Main Course

Banquet dishes for events


The banquet, on the other hand, is a gathering around large amounts of food with a wide variety including all the dishes from appetizers to desserts. 


– The Set-up 

Usually, for the Catering of events, the dishes are prepared in a place outside the event venue to later serve the food in an eye-catching way in the Fine Dining style. 

While the Banquet can be defined as that service capable of offering food, beverages and complements in the same place and time where the event takes place. 

Servicio de banquetes para eventos

Banquetes para eventos en Mérida

Platillos de catering

In addition, it includes other elements such as: 

  • Cocktail and flair services 
  • Complementary elements such as decoration and ambiance 
  • Arrangement of furniture 

Catering dishes

banquet service for events

– The Modality 

No matter what kind of event you have in Yucatan… Wedding, birthday, graduation, there will be a Catering or Banquet modality for you. 

Catering companies will be able to offer you a wide range of catering types for your event in Merida within which you can find Buffets, Cocktails, Corners, etc. 

While in the banquets you will have the opportunity to choose a greater number of dishes that meet the tastes and expectations of all your guests.

Banquet for event

Bravo catering service

Banquet service for events

Create an unforgettable experience and make your event MEMORABLE thanks to the advice and services of experts like BRAVO CATERING. 

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