Ceviches and Cocktails: Dishes for beach weddings 🦐🏝️

Is there anything more romantic than a beach wedding at sunset? If you, like many couples around the world, are looking for a way to make your big day unforgettable, a beach wedding is a great option. And what better than to complement it with the best selection of wedding dishes.

Discover the variety of cocktails and ceviches for a great beach wedding. By carefully choosing your dishes, you will be able to have a wonderful wedding banquet to share with your guests. 


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Bebidas para bodas

Before choosing the wedding dishes that the catering company will offer you, it is crucial to make sure that the space on the beach destined for the reception has access to the kitchen, allowing the preparation and catering service to be carried out promptly. 




  • Mimosa 

This could be one of the most representative cocktails for a daytime event. It is composed of champagne or white wine mixed with orange juice and sweetener to taste, this is a cocktail for a hot morning, so it will be perfect to refresh your guests.

Nothing breaks the ice like a good cocktail and a good chat, so you can welcome your guests with a mimosa bar to start what will be an unforgettable day. 

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Cócteles para boda

  • Daiquiri 

This cocktail could become the guest of honor at your wedding. Of Cuban origin, the daiquiri is one of the most famous cocktails in the world for its colorful, versatility, and incredible flavor. 

The personality of this drink is fun, sweet, and very refreshing, making it a great choice to keep your spirits up while enjoying the sunset on the beautiful Yucatecan beaches.

Its preparation consists of rum, lime juice, and sugar, however, there are countless variations that you can combine with different seasonal fruits. 

Bebidas para boda

Cócteles para boda


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Mixología en Yucatán

Mixología en bodas

  • Gourmet Ceviche

Your best ally to create a gastronomic experience that will leave your guests impressed will be your catering provider. 

Of all the wedding dishes, this one fits perfectly with an elegant theme in contrast to the freshness of a seaside wedding. Ceviches are an opportunity to showcase all the originality of your catering chef.


Platillos para boda

  • Ceviche Buffet 

Ceviche served on a buffet table is an ideal option for an outdoor wedding

A buffet is always an excellent alternative to give a casual and fresh touch, as it is an invitation for the guests to approach, enjoy with each other and choose from a menu of ceviche variations. 

Finding different styles of ceviches will not be a problem, since it is one of the most versatile dishes and the Chef will be able to use it to give the plates the unique touch of your wedding. 

Buffet para bodas

Buffet de Ceviches

Banquetes para boda

  • Vegetarian Ceviche 

In important events such as weddings, we must take into account the habits and preferences of our guests, so the option of a Vegetarian Ceviche as a wedding dish is an excellent alternative. 

The vegetarian ceviche is prepared with mushrooms or soy meat that in combination with fresh elements such as avocado, cucumber, and other ingredients, offer an exquisite flavor. 

Ceviche vegetariano

Platillos frescos para boda

Platillos para bodas en la playa

A seafood menu could be an ideal dish for your beach wedding, whether with fish, seafood or vegetables, you can let both you and the chef’s imagination run wild to create a culinary concept that will amaze your guests.

Check out the menu of the experts! Discover the wide variety of dishes within Bravo Catering’s menu and start creating the gastronomic experience for your big day.

Banquetes para boda

Bravo Catering para bodas

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