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Live the Bravo Catering experience with our menu of up to 8 courses, cheese table, sommelier service, signature mixology and specialty coffee.


From a classic speakeasy-style drink to custom cocktails designed by our experts.

The mixologists will, through sight, taste and temperature, make this experience exceed your expectations.


Wine is another of the protagonists of the table, so we have a team of sommeliers who, inspired by Mexican wines, will design the ideal pairing for the food of your choice.

A detailed service, a wine at the ideal temperature and a decanter of the finest crystal will make your event a memorable experience.


Located in one of the most fertile and richest lands in Mexico, our menus are inspired by kilometer 0 products, food produced and available within a radius of less than 100 km, thus promoting fair trade, supporting the local economy, reducing CO2 emissions and obtaining products of higher quality and freshness.

Lime, chaya, sour orange, local squash, recados, pork, Mayan octopus, lobster from the peninsula and fish such as snook and grouper, are some of the products that through our preparations will make your guests live the experience of the Yucatan terroir. Translated with (free version)


We love to transform ingredients into unique and delicious dishes that have the exact cooking, temperature and balance necessary to turn dishes into memorable experiences.


Almost in the final stretch, your guests will be able to delight themselves with a dessert on a plate designed for the occasion.

Chocolate, red fruits, coconut, guava and lime are some of the flavors that make up the palette of flavors of our desserts, which along with our coffee bar and carajillos will satisfy the most Bon Vivant of your guests.


What better way to top off a banquet than with a sweet treat.

Cocadas, marzipan, chocolate bonbons, macaroons or fruit popsicles, will be courtesy of us for your event.